Klarälven to the North Sea - July 10 - day 3: Björby - Västra Tönnet (33.5 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 10 juli - dag 3: Björby - Västra Tönnet (33,5 km)


From having started this paddling adventure in the sunshine, we now got to test on another side of the Värmland weather: rain. In total, throughout the day we only had a few rain-free hours shortly after we left yesterday's camp site and at the end when we found a new place to camp. 

At first we were a bit unheated as everything was wet which resulted in lower cruising speed. In combination with the new gray and rougher weather conditions, the river and the surrounding mountains appeared with mystery. Time for contemplation and some nice photography, we thought. 


It came almost stealthily that thunder. First as a distant rumble in the distance but then as an imminent storm. Just before the most extensive part was with us, we docked at a small sandbar to wait out the storm. It was a very real storm, something that made Lowe completely happy as he loves thunder. It was awesome anyway. 

Takes shelter with some who have already caught a tarp on the beach. 

The dinner was cooked on another sandbar a few kilometers downstream of size large, larger than a football field! In all the wet weather, the sun still managed to look past for a few seconds while we ate our macaroni al dente with pesto. 

"Look, sun!" - Lowe Kinlund 2021

After finished meal we decided to paddle with high efficient in. Paddle 25 minutes, rest 5 minutes. To put a golden edge on life, we listened in parallel to summer talk. The evening's night camp was out on Västra Tönnet. Everything is fine, albeit wet, but the mosquitoes are constantly reminded. 

Night camp

All's Well,



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