Klarälven to the North Sea - July 16 - day 9: Stora Axelön - Södra Värmlandsnäs (36.2 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 16 juli - dag 9: Stora Axelön - Södra Värmlandsnäs (36,2 km)



This thing about sleeping on a bare rock when it's windless is nice. But when it blows up in the middle of the night, it's not as nice.


At 3 o'clock at night, both William and Lowe looked at each other in fresh wake, amazed at how the wind had picked up in such a way that it veered in their ears. After some relocation of equipment, we went back to our cliff to try to fall asleep again.

The sun rises over Stora Enso in Skoghall.

That said, despite the fresh wind, we managed to fall asleep again. The time was set for 08:00 before our interview with P4 Stockholm over the phone.


After the interview, we made a consensus decision to wait to go out as the wind was still quite strong. The forecast showed that it would calm down by afternoon, which resulted in us doing what we are good at: taking it easy and falling asleep again.


Instead of leaving early in the morning, we ended up leaving at 14:30 after our bedtime until 11 o'clock.


At the first paddling days, the next joint decision was made, to try to skew over open water as much as possible to get down as far as possible on Värmandsnäs to save on the forces through shorter distances.


The transition was unique in many ways. Partly for the scorching sun that dissolves with full force constantly. Partly because it never felt like we got to the other side, believe in that thing. From the time we jumped into the kayaks to the time we jumped out of them on the headland, the watch showed a time required of a full six hours! According to the mobile map, the distance to the bird route would be 30 km, but we are convinced that it was more than that.

Evening meal at Värmlandsnäs.

After a gourmet dinner à la macaroni, we decided to continue for at least another hour to have a shorter distance to harvest the next day. These words are written a few kilometers on the headland just north of the Lurö archipelago, which will be paddled through tomorrow. We are fine but are struggling after today's paddling.



All's Well,



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