Klarälven to the North Sea - July 18 - day 11: Lurö - Hindens reef (33.4 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 18 juli - dag 11:  Lurö - Hindens rev (33,4 km)



 One sunny morning we were welcomed by when we woke up on Lurö. The wind was still relatively strong but had calmed down a bit compared to last night. The forecast showed that it would calm down further towards the day.


After a long morning waiting for the right weather conditions and an examination of a swollen hand from insect bites, we threw off sometime in the early afternoon from Lurö and headed south.


The transition was, albeit a little shaky, fully feasible. Some old lake and lighter wind but without causing any major problems.


Lunch was prepared on an island northwest of Kållandsö. It was at this point that we realized that our food was starting to run out. The idea was that we would be in Vänersborg tonight and hence the food we bought in Karlstad began to run out.

A paddling trip closer to Vänersborg ... 

After lunch it became a real long run. At first it was very beautiful with many islands with smooth rocks. The islands began to appear more and more sparse and eventually we found ourselves on the open sea again to keep our height towards the Hinden reef.


At first it was no problem as the wind was now almost non-existent, but that would change. With about a kilometer left to the reef and many hours of paddling in the back, it started to blow up, and it really fast. 

The calm before the storm. 

In just a few minutes, it blew at least seven meters per second with big waves as a result. Luckily we were relatively close to the reef and could paddle forward without any major worries but we got really wet and scared. 


The rain also came just in time just as we arrived. A brief one like that then appeared on the rainbow and the sunset.

The rainbow appeared after a short rain shower.

The tents are set up in the middle of the footpath that runs along the entire reef. Dinner was a blissful mixture of the leftovers we have left, mainly oatmeal but also a can of tuna. 


Tomorrow it will be an early morning before our last hardship on Lake Vänern against Vänersborg.


All's Well,



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