Klarälven to the North Sea - July 20 - day 13: Vargön - Lilla Edet (46.3 km)

Klarälven till Västerhavet - 20 juli - dag 13:  Vargön - Lilla Edet (46,3 km)



Suddenly it happens! For the first and probably only time, we managed to get up when the bell rang. Already at 06:10 in the morning we were out of the tent. Admittedly, it takes a while for us to get started, but it was clearly a record-breaking departure!

The night's camp at Gaddesanna next to Vargön.

Today was the last day on Lake Vänern, the European Union's largest lake. Some of the wind we experienced yesterday was still there but it did not cause any problems.

Vargön's steep cliffs rise clearly from the landscape. 

The first destination was Vänersborg where the last dip in Lake Vänern was taken before we headed into the metropolis. In the food shortage we were in, a grocery store was at the top of the one-point long "to-do list". 

With a photographer on land, you can get us all in the picture at the same time in the kayaks.

Hungry, we went into the store and managed to load everything from coffee bread and baugette to macaroni and mayonnaise in the shopping cart. The lunch was a baguette-based meal with store-grilled chicken and barbeque sauce as well as a solid amount of coffee bread.

The café in the grocery store became an excellent place to fill up with energy. 

Tired as we were from lunch and the early morning we took an hour of sleep and digestive break next to the water before we continued down into the Göta Canal where we had just started paddling.

Rest break in Vänersborg.

We missed the first lock at Brinkebergskulle by 30 seconds, which was annoying. That we were not allowed to go with the next time the gates were opened when the lock guard missed us was not so bad fun either. Instead, it all resulted in us having to carry the kayaks down to a small canal right next door. Admittedly, it was probably the easiest lift, but lifting the kayaks is not on our "popular-things-we-did-during-this-adventure-list". However, it should be added that we also received help from Axel who from yesterday follows us by car while we paddle. 

The lock in Brinkebergskulle. 

Short chat with a pilot from Grums.

After a short paddling we came to a feverish Trollhättan. In the narrow canal that was inaugurated 105 years ago, in 1916, we got to share the space and the locks with everything from small leisure boats to large tankers and the like. 

Disappointed Noah that the ship did not weigh for us> :( 

We have from various quarters that it is not really recommended to lock in a kayak but it was not a problem for us. To all of you who plan to paddle past the lock, our recommendation is to just drive on! Both fun and easy when you do not have to carry. (We have not tried to lock upstream).

The locks hold plenty of space for a small kayak. 

Quick pucks into the lock.

The lock gates open! Quickly into the next. 

Once through the 3 + 1 locks that are in Trollhättan out of the total of 6 locks in Göta älv, we only had one lock left that is in Lilla Edet. After about two miles of paddling, we chose to camp right next to the lock area. For the sake of simplicity, we avoid carrying and instead choose to lock past the absolute last dam on the entire trip, what a thing! As we long…


Lilla Edet's power plant, the last dam on our journey. 

It was all for today, time to rest as it is a new day tomorrow.


All's Well,



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