Melker of Sweden is the Shape Bearer of the Year

Melker of Sweden är Årets Formbärare

Melker of Sweden is the Shape Bearer of the Year

Värmland-based Melker of Sweden is the Shape Bearer of the Year in Värmland. The prize is awarded by Svensk Form all over the country and goes to individuals, organizations or companies that in various ways play a major role in the development of the form and design area in their region.


Anders Thorén (from partner Löfbergs) premieres paddling in the world's first 3D-printed and coffee sack-laminated SUP board.


- Our idea is to recycle materials to create tailor-made products in a completely circular ecosystem. Without sacrificing either product features or design. This award is proof that we have succeeded, says Pelle Stafshede, CEO and creative director at Melker.


Motivation of the jury:

“Melker of Sweden wants to change the outdoor industry by manufacturing as stylish and environmentally friendly outdoor products as possible. Longboards and kayaks are 3D-printed in new materials, which are developed in biocomposite materials on local sawdust and old coffee bags. Through design with a wow-feeling and sharing services, you also get customers to join the adventure on the way to a better world. ”


Great interest

Since its inception in 2015, Melker of Sweden has had a vision of being able to manufacture innovative outdoor products with as little environmental impact as possible. This year, the company launched a new concept using local and bio-based waste materials, including coffee bags from Löfbergs, for large-scale 3D printing of kayaks, longboards and SUPs (standing boards for kayaking).

- We actually premiered the world's first 3D-printed and coffee bag laminated SUP board at PADDLExpo in Nuremberg this weekend. It aroused great interest, both in terms of ideas and design, says Pelle Stafshede.

- We work with the circular in both large and small, and preferably together with others. Extra fun to be in a corner when the idea and drive are just around the corner, says Anders Thorén, press officer at Löfbergs.


Those who are curious about Melker of Sweden's design and products are welcome to Melker's Showroom in Magasin 2 at Bryggudden in Karlstad, next door to Löfberg's coffee scraper.


For more information:

Pelle Stafshede, Melker of Sweden, tel: 0733-16 95 35,

Jessica Edlom, Swedish form Värmland, tel: 070-233 57 95,


High resolution images:

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