Rödlöga is top-tested by Utemagasinet

Rödlöga topptestas av Utemagasinet
Melker Rödlöga is stable, easy to maneuver and playful - the perfect kayak for you who want to develop together with your kayak.

I this summer's big kayak test by Utemagasinet (PDF) top-tested Melker Rödlöga;

"... If you like playful paddling, Rödlöga is a joy. It was experienced as easy going and quick to accelerate, while at the same time beeing by far the easiest to turn with edging ..."

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demo products and used for prototypes (or other things that can not be classified as standard).

Products come and go quickly here and you will find something you want, cut right away because there is a risk that it is the only one of its kind!

Rödlöga test Utemagasinet

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