Terms of service


The following conditions apply to consumer purchases between an Internet customer and Melker (Melker of Sweden AB), in the case of purchases made at www.melkerofsweden.se.

You must be 18 years of age to shop at www.melkerofsweden.se.

Melkerofsweden.se is a website owned and operated by Melker of Sweden AB with Org. No. 556927-7998. In the case of a purchase on melkerofsweden.se, Melker of Sweden AB is therefore the counterparty.


All prices on the website are stated in SEK or EUR including VAT. We reserve the right to adjust prices in the event of errors in our prices, but always contact the customer before delivery if we have to adjust the price.

We also reserve the right to adjust the price of ordered goods as currency changes make this necessary.

Pre-booking of kayaks

Pre-booking kayaks is a way for you as a customer to secure the price and your place in our production queue. According to the Consumer Purchase Act, it is permitted to cancel an order before an item has been delivered. When paying a down payment for a kayak, we have the right to keep 20% of the kayak's full price to cover the costs we had to fulfill the agreement between us and you.


When you complete a purchase, you will receive an automatic order confirmation with information about your order via e-mail.
If something turns out to be incorrect, contact us at info@melkerofsweden.se.


Shipping is paid only once, regardless of the number of products and the number of shipping times your order involves.

On our website, you will find out what the shipping will cost before you complete your purchase. We reserve the right, after order is placed, to charge additional shipping costs to remote locations and islands. In this case, this communicates with the buyer before delivery. We reserve the right to cancel an order if it appears that we cannot deliver within a reasonable time.


New kayaks are normally sent from our factory in Estonia, alternatively from our warehouse in Stockholm. The delivery time for kayaks varies, as we combine freight to reduce shipping damage and often offer more personalized deliveries. We try to communicate as best we can about delivery time.

For other products, the normal delivery time within Sweden is 7 days. We reserve the right for shipping delays beyond our control.

If an item is out of stock, it will be sent when it re-enters our warehouse. We will then communicate with you about a delay and you always have the right to cancel the purchase if you do not want to wait.


Smaller packages are sent by post as letters or and delivered to your mailbox. Larger packages are sent with DHL and normally arrive at a delivery point near your address. You will receive a notification when your package is available for collection.

Kayaks are shipped as goods, which means they are delivered directly to your door unless otherwise communicated.


If the item is damaged during transport, this must be reported immediately when you pick up or receive the shipment. Always check the goods when you receive them. If you do not discover the damage when you pick it up, but when you get home, you report it to us via email to info@melkerofsweden.se.

When you receive a kayak delivered, it is especially important that it is unpacked and checked carefully before the delivery papers are signed. If everything looks good, write "No visible damage" on the delivery paper. If there is damage to the kayak, this must be communicated directly to the driver.


If an item is not picked up, we charge shipping costs for round trip transport.


All frauds are reported to the police.


We reserve the right for possible typing/text errors and that colors may be different on different monitors and from different production batches.