Melker Move in practice

Melker Move i praktiken
With a subscription to you get the opportunity to train and experience kayaking in a simple and safe way - just as much as you want. Whenever you want!
Kayak, paddle board, necessary equipment, safe storage and easy loading are included 🥳
In your subscription you get access to three different facilities; Pampas marina in central Stockholm, Svartsö in Stockholm's central archipelago, and the inner harbor in Karlstad.
RIGHT NOW you can get a subscription from SEK 833 / month;
- - -
Our sharing service is a smart alternative to traditional ownership and a way to make life easier for you as a user - while reducing the consumption of nature's resources! is an innovative and sustainable service where we offer our users to use our products together for training, experience and wellness - without having to be crowded in the gym.
You can book your workouts easily via the intuitive booking system and you will easily find your new training and paddling poles in our community.
For complete information and registration;

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